Neena Amarnani

Role at AFFORD: Business Support Administrator

Specialities: Programme Management and Programme Administration, Compliance and Audit
Accounting & Finance, Financial Management, Business Analysis

Experience: My experience includes Programme management and Programme Administration in the Non For Profit Sector. I have managed a series of programmes in the last 15 years in particular at the Haringey Business Development Agency where I was responsible for a range of business programmes that involved providing businesses with mentoring and business support services. I have amassed a vast amount of Compliance and Audit experience having worked for a variety of UK Investment Banks for example Merrill Lynch & CitiGroup as well as business analysis experience having worked for institutions such as Societe Generale and Prudential Assurance.

Education: BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance (London Metropolitan University), Postgraduate Diploma In Marketing &Management (London Middlesex University)

Why AFFORD: AFFORD is a non-profit organisation that strongly believes “in the power of diaspora to contribute positively to Africa’s development through entrepreneurship” In 2016 AFFORD has added an exciting and innovative programme Diaspora Finance and investment (DFI) to its growing list of programmes. DFI aims to simulate and harness diaspora investment, to create jobs and enhance the African social economy. I strongly relate to this and see entrepreneurship as alternative to employment for the ever growing Unemployed population of Africa in particular in relation to the youth who are the future of Africa. I look forward to working on the DFI project team.

I am passionate about Africa because: I was born in Africa (Uganda, East Africa), lived there for 13 years, where my family ran garment and antiques businesses since the 1950’s.I can therefore identify with the African heritage; traditions and culture and I have diaspora links with the African Continent.