Linda Aboagye

Role at AFFORD: Grants Programme Assistant

Education: I have an MSc in African Development and also BSc in Sociology.

Specialities: Grant Management, Report Writing.

Experience: I started as a volunteer in 2016 and now work at AFFORD as a Grants Programme Assistant

Why AFFORD: Because AFFORD is committed to bringing together various programmes, grants and services aimed at promoting, stimulating and harnessing diaspora investment opportunities for jobs and wealth creation to drive African Development.

I am passionate about Africa because: It is true that Africa is still recovering from a history marred with slavery, poverty, civil war, corruption, famine and apartheid. Whilst being home to many of the world’s resource-rich countries, it is certain that multi-faceted growth is definitely the big break that Africa needs and deserves. If we desire for Africa to move forward, we must equip ourselves with the adequate knowledge, expertise and courage to go forth and help contribute to the social change we desire to see.