AFFORD-GlobalGiving Diaspora Accelerator Crowdfunding Campaign

What you should know? 

In the framework of AFFORD’s Diaspora Finance Initiative, funded by Comic Relief and UK Aid, AFFORD aims to create a crowdfunding platform to support diaspora volunteering and philanthropy and facilitate collective giving. The AFFORD-GlobalGiving Diaspora Accelerator Platform enables engagement with the Diaspora to support philanthropic giving through these five initial offers: 

  • Receiving crowdfunding training and support
  • Raising funds for social development projects in Africa
  • Collecting Gift Aid
  • Pooling collective remittances to solve socio-economic problems
  • Increasing philanthropy on the African continent (especially as African governments shrink civil society space through restricting foreign donor money) 

Why are we doing it?

A significant proportion of all remittances to Africa are for the purpose of funding investment, health, education and other day to day family support . The World Bank in 2016 estimated these total African remittances as US$60 billion. This significantly exceeds the amount of foreign aid being sent to Africa.

AFFORD recognises that there is a role for facilitating direct philanthropy and investment, as well as to support the potential benefits of channelling and structuring a portion of these remittances towards long term development projects.

Who are we?

AFFORD is partnering with GlobalGiving to enable 40 Diaspora organisations to participate in AFFORD-GlobalGiving Diaspora Accelerator to raise at least £5,000 each. AFFORD is a pioneering diaspora organisation, with a mission:  ‘To enhance and expand the contributions Africans in the diaspora make to Africa’s Development’. This mission is pursued through delivery of services to diaspora organisations and individuals in the diaspora, organized under the following thematic programmes: 

  • – Investment, Enterprise, & Employment 
  • – Engagement, Capacity & Networking Building Services 
  • – Research, Learning, Policy and Practice 

AFFORD’s current priority projects and activities are on diaspora contributions to job creation through investment and enterprise development in Africa. In June 2016 AFFORD successfully won a tender to deliver Comic Relief/UK Aid’s CGI Diaspora Finance and Investment strand, enabling the organisation to build on its work on diaspora investment/philanthropy, enterprise support and capacity building. 

GlobalGiving is the largest crowdfunding community that connects non-profits, donors and companies in nearly every country around the world; making it possible for non-profits globally to access the tools, training and support they need to be more effective in driving development and improving lives. GlobalGiving also facilitates Gift Aid and conducts vetting of projects supported. Since 2002 GlobalGiving has helped raise $253 million, from over half a million people, for over 16,000 projects in 165 countries.

Who is it for? 

Diaspora organisations registered in the UK and delivering or aiming to deliver projects in Africa will be able to participate in the AFFORD-GlobalGiving Diaspora Accelerator crowdfunding campaign. To participate, organisations would have to be registered as charities or non-profits (example company limited by guarantee, etc), able to provide organisational documents in English and committed to mobilising their network to fundraise. 

AFFORD is inviting African Diaspora Organisations across the UK to participate in its Diaspora Accelerator  Crowdfunding campaign  to raise at least £5,000 each for community development or social enterprise projects in their countries of heritage/interests. This £5,000 figure will be supplemented by an additional 25% in Gift Aid. There will also be additional bonus prizes for the three most successful crowdfunding efforts.
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