One of the best experiences I had was working with AFFORD. It truly made me grow as a person and made me see things that I didn’t before. I got to work in a very diverse team that taught me many useful things, and that was eye-opening. AFFORD helped me clear my career path and made me want to work in an international organisation.

Roxanne Aminou

I have worked with AFFORD off and on for over 10 years and have been impressed with the wide variety of projects they have been involved with and the spaces they have been able to influence. It is a testament to their work that they have been able to sustain the organisation over a longer period of time. I was delighted to be asked to work on their diaspora Project as I really do believe that by engaging second and subsequent generations there will be a great benefit to the continent.

Yvette Ankrah MBE

“Contributing to AFFORD’s work has given me the opportunity to connect with like-minded Africans in the diaspora who are passionate about the development of their homelands. I’ve also enjoyed encouraging second-generation Africans to connect with their countries of origin. Since AFFORD is on the forefront of diaspora engagement in Europe, I’ve been able to learn about diaspora engagement policies from a global perspective, which will help me in my studies and future career. I’m grateful for the experience I’ve gained from supporting AFFORD’s mission.”

Kirstie Kwarteng

My experience as a Resource Person for the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD) has been one of the most remarkable engagements I’ve had with a development organisation.  Working with AFFORD on the SEEDA project in Sierra Leone and Ghana, I was surprised how much I learned within this period.

Ibrahim Sesay


AFFORD recognises the sheer impact and value of all the volunteers and interns who have worked with us over the years and we are very grateful. It has also been rewarding for us to hear back from people who have been part of the AFFORD team and hear how their time with us has benefitted their own journey. We are happy to share some of those testimonies with you here.