The Noel Buxton Trust was established by Noel Edward Buxton in 1919 to achieve social and economic progress in Britain and throughout the world. For over eighty years the Trust has supported organisations promoting social change and improvement and has long supported charities based in Africa and charities that work with families and prisoners in Britain.

Noel Buxton Trust

The Pharo Foundation was established because their passion for Africa’s potential to create thriving economies and to prosper. The foundation focuses on working with people with the potential to become economically self-reliant. As per their new strategy and operational modality, they lead the design and implementation of large-scale integrated livelihoods programmes primarily in Ethiopia and Somaliland.

The Pharo Foundation

This competitive fund is open to U.K based diaspora led organisations that are creating real and sustainable change for some of the poorest and most disadvantaged communities in Africa.

It is co funded by DFID and managed by Comic Relief

Common Ground Initiative

Partners and Supporters

“Our stakeholders are amazing”

The heights we have reached over the last 22 years is because we have stood on the shoulders of our board of trustees, staff, interns and volunteers who share in our beliefs and work tirelessly to further our cause.

The support we receive from our partners and supporters makes all the difference in the work we do. We are grateful for the partnerships we have nurtured with organisations and individuals and we know that together we can create the Africa we all dream of.